Activities for Kids

Air Rifles

Minimum age – 8yrs
Our modern rifles are accurate, powerful light and almost silent. Our range is purpose built where you can sit and take aim in comfort and undercover with an array of targets to test your aim and concentration which include traditional bulls eye, spinner & drop down targets to name a few.
£30.00 per person, ¾ hour session


Minimum age – 8 years
Instruction by qualified GNAS instructors will enable you to get the most from this ancient art of toxophily. Competitive, yet relaxing archery can be enjoyed regardless of the Lakeland weather as we have indoor and outdoor facilities. We can easily accommodate a group of 10 people so it’s a great activity for family groups or friends of all age to have a bit of healthy competition and fun.
£20.00 per person ½ hour session
£30.00 per person 1 hour session

Argo Cat

Max of 5 adults per trip 
or 8 small children
Fully versatile, this 8 wheeled, skid steer, amphibious all terrain vehicle is roomy enough for 5 adults or 8 small children to enjoy the ultimate off road experience. As the passengers you will be amazed as you are driven skilfully round natural obstacles including riverbanks and a lake, in a real life roller coaster ride.
£75.00 per trip – a 15 minute out of this world journey.

Assault Course

For adults and children 8yrs+
There is a varied and challenging assault course in the grounds of Rookin House. The session usually takes about 1 hour and you will be given a demonstrative safety brief at each element before you take on each other or the other team! The assault course can be incorporated in to a team-building event by giving you an extra challenge e.g. a stretcher to navigate round but don’t harm your casualty…
Price on application as depends on duration and group size.

Children’s Birthday Parties

Let us take the stress away and organise your child’s birthday party for you. We can offer themed parties for the ultimate birthday adventure!

All Terrain Adventure.

An Action packed session including a 20 Minute Quad Bike Trek and a trip on the Argo Cat. If a thrilling day is what you’re looking for then this is the package for you.
(Minimum age 7, minimum height 132cm.)
Party duration 90 minutes.
£220 for up to 6  children.

Cowboys & Indians.

This party requires a keen eye and a steady hand, try your skills on both sides of the classic Cowboys vs Indians! Shoot like a Cowboy on Air Rifles and fire Arrows like the Indians on Archery!  45 Minute session of each activity.
(Minimum age 8)
Party duration 2 hours.
£260 for up to 6 children.

Pony Pals Party!

1 hour session including grooming, tacking up, a short ride and a Rosette for each child.
£150 for up to 6 children

2 hour session includes a hands on experience including grooming and tacking up and learning about the care of a pony.  Riding with instruction and pony games or a hack out. Rosettes for each child.
£250 for 6 children.

Both sessions are adapted to suit ages and ability of the participants.

The Trifecta!
An Action packed half day package.
1/2 hour Archery, 3/4 hour Air Rifle Shooting and a Trip out on the Argo Cat.  A great way to spend a birthday that won’t be forgotten!

Participants must be at least 8 years old.
£350 for upto 6 children


The family fishing pond is ideal for beginners and children. The fishing pitches are on a pond, which is well stocked with rainbow trout, so, with a little skill, you could catch your dinner! All fishing tackle and bait are provided.
£17.50 equipment hire and bait or £14.50 with own rod and line
Trout prices: £3.75 per lb., average size 1.5 lb.

Go Karts

Indoors – Min height limit 4’7” (1.4m) and Min age 14 years
The Lake Districts only indoor Rally Cross circuit. Sessions organised as 5 practice laps and a series of 10 lap races. These latest Honda powered karts allow you to put your foot down hard to the floor and test your driving ability to the full! As you get faster the earth track gets slippier and if that’s not for you just take your time.
£25.00 per person for 25 laps
£30.00 per person for 35 laps
£35.00 per person for 45 laps

Pony Trekking

​Minimum age 8 years

Experience the beauty of the Lakeland countryside and its changing seasons from the back of a horse. We can arrange rides to suit you from 1 hour to a full day. Rookin house has a wide variety of options for both trekking and riding lessons.

£40.00 per person for 1 hour trek
£55.00per person for 1 ½ hour trek
£70.00 per person for 2 hour trek
£80.00per person for 2 ½ hours
£90.00 per person for 3 hours
£175.00 per person for all Day (experienced riders only)

Unaccompanied Lead Rein 4yrs +
£22.50 per person 30 minutes – You must be able to provide an experienced competent adult to lead the pony.

Accompanied Private Lead Rein 2yrs+
£35.00 per person 30minutes – we lead the horse (if for a young child you walk along side)

Lessons 6yrs+
£35.00 per person for 30 mins £60.00 per person for 1 hour 1:1 instruction 
£30.00 per person for 30 mins £50.00 per person for 1 hour 1:2 instruction 

 For our regular riders our group lessons start at £35.00 per person.

Private Rides
We offer private rides for any duration from 1/2 hour to a full day. Price on application.  Perfect for a special occasion (we have had people propose on horse back) or for advanced or very nervous riders.

Pony Parties
See details of our horsey group activities here Pony Parties

Human Bowling

Age and height guidelines – 8 years+ and 3’7”+
One player climbs into the ball. He or she is then strapped securely into the seat by a body harness. The other players roll the ball at pins situated 15 feet away, knocking over as many as possible. “It’s ten pin bowling – live!”
£17.50 per person (minimum group size 4, maximum 10)

JCB operation

4 years to adult
Here is a chance to do something different! Learn how to operate a JCB excavator – you never know when it might come in handy!
£27.50 per person 1:1 tuition 15 minutes

Midi Quads

12 – 15 years.
These junior quads are great fun and are normally taken out separately to the adult treks. Adults can join their children on an adult bike if they prefer.

£32.50 per person for 20 minutes 

£52.50 per person for 40 minutes

Mini Quads

-11 years.
These smaller quads give younger children a chance to experience off road driving. At 7 yrs old though, unless they are big for their age the children will physically struggle so please bear that in mind. Minimum height required 132cm. If you would like to discuss the suitability of the mini quad driving for 7yr olds please do not hesitate to contact us on 017684 83561. Children over 12 years can join these treks, however, they are taken out in consideration of the least capable rider.

£32.50 per person for 20 minutes