Activities at Rookin House

Rookin House is an established adventure venue and has been offering a wide variety of outdoor activities for over 25 years. Family owned and operated, Rookin House has a strong focus on both fun and safety. All of the activities (unless otherwise stated) are based on one site with Blencathra providing a spectacular lakeland backdrop. If you’re looking for things to do with friends or family in Cumbria we have something for everyone!

We are the only Activity Centre in the Lake District National Park who offer such a wide variety of activities from Horse Riding, Archery, Air Rifles, Paintballing, Go-Karting, Human Bowling,  Clay Pigeon Shooting, Off-Roading, Quad Biking and other Activities. There are a few companies that offer a booking service but they don’t actually run the activities themselves. Offering extremely good value for money without compromising on quality by booking direct you are sure to get the best price available.  With the activities being based on site we can save on set up costs and this is passed on to you our customers.

Ideally located between Penrith and Keswick and only 6 miles from Lake Ullswater.

Further information on each of the activities we offer including prices can be found below:

Quad Biking, Things to do in Cumbria.

Activities for Kids

Activities for Kids at Rookin House:

Activities include the following: Click here for more details

  • Air Rifles
  • Archery
  • Argo Cat
  • Assault Course
  • Children’s Birthday Parties
  • Fishing
  • Go Karts
  • Pony Trekking
  • Human Bowling
  • JCB Operation
  • Midi Quads
  • Mini Quads

Click here for more details

Air Rifle Shooting

Air Rifles

Air Rifles

Minimum age – 8yrs

Our modern rifles are accurate, powerful light and almost silent. Our range is purpose built where you can sit and take aim in comfort and undercover with an array of targets to test your aim and concentration which include traditional bulls eye, spinner & drop down targets to name a few.

£30 per person, ¾ hour session

Archery target at Rookin House



Minimum age – 8 years

Instruction by qualified GNAS instructors will enable you to get the most from this ancient art of toxophily. Competitive, yet relaxing archery can be enjoyed regardless of the Lakeland weather as we have indoor and outdoor facilities. We can easily accommodate a group of 10 people so it’s a great activity for family groups or friends of all age to have a bit of healthy competition and fun.

£20.00 per person ½ hour session

£30.00 per person 1 hour session

Argo Cat

Argo Cat

Argo Cat

Max of 5 adults per trip or 8 small children

Fully versatile, this 8 wheeled, skid steer, amphibious all terrain vehicle is roomy enough for 5 adults or 8 small children to enjoy the ultimate off road experience. As the passengers you will be amazed as you are driven skillfully round natural obstacles including riverbanks and a lake, in a real life roller coaster ride.

£75.00 per trip – a 15 minute out of this world journey.

Assault Course

Assault Course

For adults and children 8yrs+

There is a varied and challenging assault course in the grounds of Rookin House. The session usually takes about 1 hour and you will be given a demonstrative safety brief at each element before you take on each other or the other team! The assault course can be incorporated in to a team building event by giving you an extra challenge e.g. a stretcher to navigate round but don’t harm your casualty…

Price on application as depends on duration and group size.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Advisory minimum age 12 years for physical size.

Clay pigeon shooting is suitable for all ages* and ability. While using a variety of fully automatic promatic traps we can change the direction of any clay (simulating a variety of birds) allowing us to cater for complete beginners and the more accomplished shot. The session starts with you being matched up to right sized gun and a safety briefing showing you how to handle our Berretta shot guns with confidence. Once you are in position the first clays start to fly and your instructor will soon have you hitting those clays. With a couple of practice rounds under your belt you can finish off with a competition.

£25.00 per person for 12 cartridges (taster session)

£45.00 per person for 25 cartridges

£70.00 per person for 50 cartridges

Video Navigate

Video Navigate

Minimum Group Size 8.

‘Video Navigate’ involves a team member driving a vehicle around a course aided by the rest of their team. This would ordinarily be an easy task, however, when the driver is blindfolded and completely unable to see where they are going it adds a little more of a twist!

Success is totally dependent on the communication skills and instruction of the participants to enable them to successfully navigate and complete the course. The team must maximize the driver’s ability to interpret, understand and respond to their commands. The aim of this activity is to highlight and enhance effective team working, trust and communication skills through an enjoyable and unique environment.​

The participants do not have to have a driving license or even any driving experience. An instructor is in the vehicle with the participants at all times. Other team members can be carried as passengers during the event to allow them to participate as much as possible. Courses can be tailored to individual clients needs, skill levels and learning objectives. Gazebos and bunting are all provided. ​

Command Tasks

Command Tasks

Passengers must be 12yrs plus. Minimum Group Size 8.

These cunning and fun, little tasks put a variety of team working skills to the test. Leadership, communication, planning and support are all required in order to successfully complete each task. As ever with teamwork, planning and talking about it is all very well – but it is the execution of the task that matters. The theory that they were going to hold on to that rope was all well and good in the planning, but the true test is the ‘doing’. You try to remind yourself just which team member it was that spoke up about the rope being too heavy to hold for that long – as your prize slowly sinks in to the river…

It’s all about learning by doing and a great way to test out existing team skills or to accelerate new teams getting to know each other.

Price on application as depends on duration and group size

Dakar Off Road 4×4

Dakar Off Road 4×4 Driving With A Difference.

Drivers must have a valid driving license

Passengers must be 12yrs plus.

You can experience the thrill of driving through mud and water, tackling gradients and generally driving in conditions you wouldn’t normally dream of. Accompanied at all times by one of our skilled instructors you will soon develop daring off road skills.

£95.00 for 45 minute Dakar off roading trip for up to 3 people.



The family fishing pond is ideal for beginners and children. The fishing pitches are on a pond, which is well stocked with rainbow trout, so, with a little skill, you could catch your dinner! All fishing tackle and bait are provided.

£17.50 per person equipment hire and bait or £14.50 per person with own rod and line

Trout prices: £3.75 per lb, average size 1.5 lb.

Go Karts

Go Karts

Indoors – Min height limit 4’7” (1.4m) and Min age 14 years

The Lake Districts only indoor Rally Cross circuit. Sessions organised as 5 practise laps and a series of 10 lap races. These latest Honda powered karts allow you to put your foot down hard to the floor and test your driving ability to the full! As you get faster the earth track gets slippier and if that’s not for you just take your time.

£25.00 per person for 25 laps

£30.00 per person for 35 laps

£35.00 per person for 45 laps

Horse Riding

Horse Riding

Minimum age 8 years

Experience the beauty of the Lakeland countryside and its changing seasons from the back of a horse. We can arrange rides to suit you from 1 hour to a full day. Rookin house has a wide variety of options for both trekking and riding lessons.

Discount available for a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children) out of season and subject to availability.

£40.00 per person for 1 hour trek

£55.00 per person for 1 ½ hour trek

£70.00 per person for 2 hour trek

£80.00 per person for 2 ½ hours

£90.00 per person for 3 hours

£175.00 per person for Full Day (experienced riders only)

Unaccompanied Lead Rein 4yrs + £22.50 per person for 30 minutes – You must be able to provide a experienced competent adult to lead the pony.

Accompanied Private Lead Rein 2yrs+ £35.00 per person for 30minutes – we lead the horse (if for a young child you walk along side)

Lessons 6yrs+

 £35.00 per person for 30 mins, £47.50 per person for 45 minutes 1:1 instruction

 £30.000 per person for 30 mins £45.00 per person for 1 hour 1:2 instruction

 For our regular riders our group 1hr lessons are £35.00 per person

Private Rides

We offer private rides for any duration from 1/2 hour to a full day. Price on application.  Perfect for a special occasion (we have had people propose on horse back) or for advanced or very nervous riders.

Pony Parties

See details of our horsey group activities on the Pony Parties page

Human Bowling

Human Bowling

Age and height guidelines – 8 years+ and 3’7”+

One player climbs into the ball. He or she is then strapped securely into the seat by a body harness. The other players roll the ball at pins situated 15 feet away, knocking over as many as possible. “It’s ten pin bowling – live!”

£15.00 per person (minimum group size 4, maximum 10)

JCB Operation

JCB Operation

4 years to adult

Here is a chance to do something different! Learn how to operate a JCB excavator – you never know when it might come in handy!

£27.50 per person 1:1 tuition 15 minutes



Minimum age 16 years, minimum group size 10.

Madtrax buggies are purpose built for use on a rough terrain circuit, and have all round suspension to ensure peak performance at all times. Full racing outfits are provided. Each race consists of 4 laps, with a grand final and a trophy for the winner. Each driver is guaranteed a minimum of 3 races per session.

£75.00 per person

*this activity is subject to ground conditions/weather so an alternative of indoor Go Kart Rally Cross & Clay Pigeon shooting will be provided if we can not run the Madtrax Session on the day.



Minimum of 10 people, minimum age 16yrs lowered to 12yrs if accompanied by a parent

Picture yourself behind enemy lines in the heart of the jungle. With stealth and speed, you advance over hazardous territory towards your target. Paintballing needs wits, courage, careful planning and dedicated teamwork. So let the battle begin! Paintball is particularly popular with groups of friends and corporate events. All safety equipment is provided. You will be briefed and trained by paintball supervisors before battle commences.

Half Day

£47.50 per person including 300 paintballs pre-booked

£60.00 per person including 500 paintballs pre-booked

Extra paintballs can be purchased on the day at £8.00 per 100



This is a toy on a proper scale! A power turn is a twin seater cart driven by two independent engines, with race seats, harnesses and a full roll cage that can be driven by one or two drivers.

The Powerturn looks impressive and with the exhilarating wheelies and fast spins and turns, it’s guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s face! Each engine powers one set of wheels, the cart has a unique driving style and is controlled by the driver by pushing both levers forward to accelerate and both back to stop. The cart is steered by pushing the levers independently (thus providing power only one side and turning the cart).

This activity is normally run with an initial practice session to get a feel for the vehicle, then a timed race or skills challenge around a course which will be created to suit required time scales and competency level of the clients. When two people set to the challenge they each control a set of the wheels so it is essential participants MUST work together. This is a brilliant team building activity option, working on communication, team work and once mastered, the Powerturn is fast paced and immense fun!

On a practical note, the sessions are supervised at all times by an instructor who will brief each team on the driving of the cart and the rules. The course will require a reasonable amount of space and participants will need to wear helmets (provided) Gazebos and bunting are all provided.

Price on application groups of 6+

Escorted Quad Bike Treks

Escorted Quad Bike Treks

360cc Kawasaki machines, minimum age 16 years.

For options for under 16 years please visit our kids section here.

Once you have been kitted out with a helmet you will be briefed by a LANTRA qualified instructor on how to operate the quad safely for maximum enjoyment. The trek will explore our Lakeland hill farm. You will start off on flat ground to build up confidence and progress over undulating ground, down steep banks and river crossings depending on the duration booked and the skill of the riders.

All treks are taken out in consideration of the least capable rider

£32.50 per person for 20 minutes – Ideal for first timers as a taster session. A chance to experience off road driving to see if it is for you.

£52.50 per person for 40 minutes – Great fun for those who feel confident and want to try some banks, hill and river crossings.

£72.50 per person for 1 hour – For those who enjoy a challenge and the more confident rider.

Reverse Steer Driving

Reverse Steer Driving

Minimum Group Size 8.

The Reverse Steer is an unusual and challenging group activity vehicle specially engineered to drive in opposites, turning left when you turn right and vice-versa! This might sound simple, but can you do it when the pressure is on with your whole team counting on you as you navigate your way through the myriad of obstacles, tight bends, chicanes and reversing sections, all against the clock it becomes far trickier!

For those with a little more confidence the activity can be modified by using the vehicle with an ‘egg and spoon’ set up, by which a large dish holding a ball is attached to the vehicle, keeping the ball in the dish adds another test of time, skill and element of agility to the activity.

Other testing and confusing variations can include blindfolding participants, adding tricky, taxing reversing sections and additional obstacles; the only real limitation is your imagination! This is an excellent team working and communication focused activity, testing coordination and preconditioning to the limit.

There are no prerequisites to be involved in this activity; the participants do not have to have a driving license or even any driving experience. An instructor is in the vehicle with the participants at all times.

Tree Climbing

Tree Climbing

For adults & children approx 9yrs+. Minimum Group Size 8.

Tree climb – this physical actvity is what it says, the trees are tall pine trees that have had foot and hand holds on enabling you to climb up the tall scots pine tree trunks if you’re brave enough… The tree climb is a popular addition to multi-activity packages. If you want to add the tree climb to a group activity package please do not hesitate to contact us.​

Price on application

Activity Packages for 2

Activity Packages for Two

Due to popular demand we have put together a few interesting packages for two to provide a fantastic adventure day.

It may be a  treat for a special occasion; Birthday, Valentines Day, Wedding Anniversary or Christmas, or perhaps you don’t need an excuse to spoil that special person in your life. Minimum ages apply.

For examples click here. If these packages aren’t quite what you want, please contact us and we would be happy to put together a bespoke quote for your perfect activity day.

Prices start from £235.00 per couple.