Pony Trekking

Pony Trekking is the best way to enjoy the beauty of the Lakeland countryside and its changing seasons, especially if one of our fabulous horses can do the walking for you! We can arrange rides to suit you from a one hour trek or a full day to a riding break.

Helpful Information.

We have over 45 well mannered and willing horses and ponies of all shapes, sizes and temperaments.

Please be advised that all horse rides are subject to the availability of a suitable horse. You will be asked your height, weight and relevant experience when you book in. For safety and animal welfare reasons, Rookin House has a maximum weight limit of 100kg (15.5st). Please be aware that our maximum weight limit may be lower than 100kgs and is subject to variation on a daily basis according to what horses are available for work on the day that you attend. In addition to a person’s weight, whether we have a suitable horse available also depends upon a riders height to weight ratio, riding experience, general muscle tone and fitness levels.

As such and in the unlikely event of the horse being off work for whatever reason Rookin House is unable to guarantee that a suitable horse will be available for you on the day of your ride .

Group rides are mixed ability and taken at the pace of the least capable rider, to the discretion of the Ride Leader. All riders will hopefully get the opportunity to at least try trotting, however this cannot be guaranteed.
If you book as an experienced rider onto a group ride you will not necessarily go faster than a walking pace as we have to assess each ride individually and decide what the ride as a whole is capable of.

The rides (depending on the weather, ground conditions and the ability of the riders) go along bridleways and quiet country lanes across open fells and through forests. Our numerous routes all offer glorious views of the surrounding fells. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Ullswater and Matterdale Valleys.

We do offer accompanied private rides for people that would like the option of a faster ride, however the pace of the ride is still at the discretion of the ride leader after considering all necessary factors as mentioned above.

All treks are led by qualified, friendly escorts and approved riding hats are provided free of charge. Substantial footwear with a small heel is advised, riding boots are available, again, there is no charge. When it’s cold, gloves are a must!

1 or 1.5 hour rides – Perfect for all levels 8 years on all. Riders must be happy to ride without a guide on foot leading the horse.
2 hour rides – Perfect for those who have ridden before and are capable of trotting.
3 hour rides – For those capable in all paces. This is not an option for complete beginners.
Full day rides  – Advanced riders only, must be used to cantering outside of an Arena.

Pricing can be found on the drop down menus below.

Pony Trekking.

Group rides, (minimum age 8 years)

£40.00 per person for 1 hour

£55.00 per person for 1½ hours

£70.00 per person for 2 hours

£80.00 per person for 2½ hours

£90.00 per person for 3 hours

£175.00 per person for Full Day (experienced riders only)

30 Minute Lead Rein Rides
(from 2 years old)

Our 30 minute lead rein ride is perfect for everyone from tiny tots to adults if they have never ridden before.
A beautiful scenic walk out around our property with views of Blencathra and surrounding Cumbrian fells.
If we do not have an existing session to add you too, you will be lead by a member of staff, All sessions  require at least 1 member of staff.

2 & 3 year old – These little riders will need to be lead by one of our Rookin House Staff Members and their grown-up would need to walk beside them.
£35.00 per child.

4 years + – If you have an Adult willing to lead the pony for your rider this would be £22.50 per rider. If you require a pony to be lead by a Rookin House Staff member this would be an extra £12.50. If you are joining an existing session you can lead provide the leader for the pony.

Lead by a Rookin House Staff Member – £35.00
Lead by an Adult of your party – £22.50

Family rides –  1hr session includes 30 minutes riding. Ideal for families with children under 10yrs or those who have never ridden

£110.00 for 4 people, 2 adults 2 children – we provide 4 horses/ponies and 2 members of staff. Please contact us for a price for a different combination.

School Groups: Horse riding is a great activity for young people and very rewarding.  We can offer a half day session (3 hours) with a more hands on approach which includes basic aspects of horsemanship (grooming and tacking up), a ride out including instruction to make the visit an even more memorable experience. For Educational visits we can link the learning into core areas of the National Curriculum. The cost for a half day session is £40 each based on a minimum group size of 8 and available mid week during term time.


£35 per person 30 minutes 1:1 ratio

£47.50 per person 3/4 hour 1:1 ratio

£60.00 per person 1 hour 1:1 ratio

£30.00 per person 30 minutes 1:2 ratio

£45.00 per person 3/4 hour 1:2 ratio

£50.00 per person 1 hour 1:2 ratio

Pre paid Blocks of 10 lessons  saves 10% so you get one free.

Group lessons, 1hr if 4 riders, for our regular riders, £35.00 per person

We have both Indoor and Outdoor Arenas.

Accompanied private rides.

Ideal for the more experience rider who wants to ride at a faster pace or the very nervous rider who prefers individual attention.

A 1:1 ride is £67.50 per hour, 1:2 ride £62.50 per person per hour, 1:3 ride £57.50 per person per hour, 1:4 ride £52.50 per person per hour.

For a different number of riders please contact us for a price as it will depend on the instructor ratio required.